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Prenatal Screening - Prep I

A set of First Trimester Screenings are done between 10 to 13 +6days weeks of pregnancy to screen the growing fetus for underlying suspect chromosomal abnormalities. This screening requires maternal serum or blood samples for a test that includes a combination of biochemical and biophysical markers.


1.Combined Screening:

This screening combines biochemical (Dual Marker Test) and biophysical (Nuchal transparency & Nasal Bone scan) markers to provide high detection rate of chromosomal abnormalities. The analysed markers are:
Free hCGβ ((Free Beta human chorionic gonadotropin)
PAPP-A (Pregnancy-associated Plasma Protein A))
NT (Nuchal translucency)
NB (Nasal bone scan)
FHR (Fetal Heart Rate)

2.Pre-eclampsia Screening

Measures the levels pregnancy-related placental protein A, UAPI, MAF, and PLGF in a pregnant woman’s blood to help predict early-onset of pre-eclampsia

3.ONTD Screening:

Biochemical marker: AFP + Ultrasound

4.Penta Marker Screening:

It combines biochemical screening with additional markers for effective diagnosis of chromosomal defects. Its enhanced precision reduces the need for more intrusive methods.

Prenatal Screening - PrePare I

Helps prospective mothers in more ways than one

It allows estimating the risk of chromosomal conditions such as Down Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome, early onset of PE and ONTD

Provides results in just 48 hours

Reduces the need for mother’s to go through high-risk invasive testing

Provides Free Post-Test Genetic Counselling to understand the results better.

How Does Prenatal Screening - PrePare I Work?

Laboratory Analysis

Testing and analysis of the sample are conducted in the lab.


The results are shared within 48 hours


Post-result free genetic counselling is offered to parents to understand the test results better.