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A SAFE & HEALTHY BEGINING ALWAYS LEADS TO HAPPY ENDING During your wedding planning families might be very much curious about “kunadli Milan”. But we should always remember wedding may last for few days, but marriage always lasts forever. A premarital check-up helps the couple identify any conditions such as genetic, transmissible and infectious diseases which should not bother the family in future. A marriage is the biggest event in any couple’s life, hence they must be absolutely sure, taking care of their health too along with other factors. Our “HEALTHY MILAN” premarital testing program informs couples and provides unbiased health evidence and act as a “health kunadli match”, Family history, genetics, age, diet and addictions, all contribute to creating a map for their future & upcoming family.For couples considering marriage, HEALTHY MILAN-pre-marital screening helps to detect dormant illnesses and risks for their progeny.It also aids them to understand their heredities and guide them to take essential precautions or treatments.

HEALTHY MILAN - Comprehensive Pre Marital Health Packages ( PARAMETER INCLUDES INDIVIDUALY)